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Fitness journal

My first fitness plan.My feedback untill now is that it’s motivating creative and entertaining . just like a good friend😊. 

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You aren’t on a diet

The first thing I realised when I started taking care of myself is that the whole diet concept is totally wrong. Most people wake up one  day  and say ok from “today I stop eating”.And they starving  and of course they can’t keep it and of course they gain all weight back…

No You arent on a diet. You take care of what you eat. You take care of yourself. Your goal Is to be healthy and  loose weight but having the energy you need all day.

That’s the concept.  Forget big words big goals. Small goals, no big words .

Small steps and we’ll get there. 

Small steps are still steps right?

Have a nice Sunday


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laotzu137141.jpgA journey to get the body image I always wanted begins. On this blog there will be posts monitoring my progress, my thoughts, my feelings as well as personal tips  and tricks, recipes, inspiring/ motivating posts. 
Wish me luck